Yesterday the world changed, our Hope died. The news cut us like a knife. Today we are stuck in the middle. We feel forsaken and forgotten. All hope is shattered. We are overcome with fear. Our dreams died also. Our prayers seem to fall flat. What about our promises? What about the things we’ve prayed so hard for. Saturday seems like an eternity. We never dreamed our trial could last so long. We never imagined being stuck in the day in-between. We lay our heads back down on our tear stained pillow once again with fear of what tomorrow will bring. We rise early the next morning with our fear and grief still ever present. We slowly emerge and head back to the tomb where we go daily. We get there at sunrise and realize the door is open. We find the linen and cloth folded. We fear. Confusion sets in over what has happened. We turn and see the gardener standing there and he asks why we are weeping, we pour our heart out to him, and then He calls our name – we recognize His voice, Rabboni, our Master. We run to tell the others what has happened. We tell them of the miracle that just took place. We tell them of being in the day in-between for days, some had been stuck in it for months, and some were in it for years, maybe even decades. We had thought our prayers were not being heard and that the fear and hopelessness would always be present – many days we accepted the fact it would always be this way, but God – Sunday came! If you are stuck in the day in-between don’t give up hope because Sunday really is coming!! Your prayers really are being heard. One day God WILL come through for you and you can step out of Saturday, into Sunday!

Chera Guthrie

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